My Learning Style

by l0016338


My results show that I have a strong preference for the reflective learning style. This is because I prefer working alone and thinking about what I have to do rather than working in a group.

I have a moderate preference for the intuitive learning style. This is because I like maths and problem solving, and I like understanding new concepts. Also I don’t like courses where I have to memerize lots of facts, I prefer to understand a concept so then I can apply it in different ways.

I have no strong preference for either the visual or verbal learning styles although I tend to prefer written instructions rather than diagrams.

I have a strong preference for the sequential learning style because I gain understanding in linear steps, with each step following logically from the previous one instead of learning in large jumps and then suddenly understanding the material. This may be because I like Maths and that requires you to think logically about how you are going to solve a problem.

These skills will be helpful for what I want to study at University in the future as programming requires you to have good logic skills as you need to think in logical steps to solve problems.